The Vision of Joconne

Joconne aims to create a society where everyone can live valuing themselves.

Every individual can spread their arms wide with their own axis (trunk) and bloom their colorful flowers with both hands full.

To achieve this, it’s essential to maintain a healthy body as the foundation.

And the heart should be as colorful and free as a butterfly, spreading its wings wherever it pleases.

The continuous realization of small daily insights leads to richness of the heart, becoming joy and gratitude.

JokoNe. strives to realize a society where people cherish themselves, feel the happiness of everyday life, and live each day with gratitude.


Joconne’s Mission

To create a society where women can live with high health literacy.

Living valuing oneself leads to valuing one’s own mind and body.

Joconne strives to create an environment where women can face their bodies, including menstruation and menopause, and access necessary services when needed.


The Founder’s Story

Joconne was named with the meaning of connecting women.The last circle represents the advice that successful companies have 15 strokes! We hoped for success.The reason behind choosing the name “connecting women” was something I realized while researching women’s health literacy.

It was the tendency for many women, including myself, to refrain from discussing matters concerning their bodies because they feel it’s “embarrassing” and to suffer silently.I was no exception.Until my mid-thirties, I worked vigorously in a male-dominated foreign company.At that time, I was just an ordinary woman who knew nothing.I had never visited a gynecologist, and I had a negative image of birth control pills.It wasn’t until I passed 30 that I noticed occasional headaches coinciding with my menstrual cycle.I started taking painkillers. When my period coincided with overseas business trips, I would calmly pack sanitary pads, tampons, and painkillers into my suitcase and rush around pretending everything was fine.

One day, I had such a severe headache and nausea that I couldn’t go to work.I realized it might be due to my period, so I finally went to a nearby women’s clinic. I was diagnosed with endometriosis.They told me my ovaries, which are usually the size of a thumb, were enlarged to 8cm. Since I was in my mid-thirties and considering pregnancy, I opted for surgery.

It was a little while after encountering the term “health literacy” that I decided to study women’s health literacy specifically.What I realized through my studies was that matters such as menstruation, menopause, and sexuality are not embarrassing but rather normal things. And there are specialists whom you can consult with, and there are many ways to improve and resolve these issues.But ordinary women like me are not informed, and we are taught not to talk openly about these matters.If menstrual pain were as noticeable as a skin problem, I believe I would have consulted friends or people around me who are a little more knowledgeable or searched the internet for solutions.

Another thing I realized while researching health literacy is that the way we live and our attitudes and behaviors toward our health are directly linked. I had always been brought up to be a “good girl.” I studied hard, got into a prestigious university, worked steadily at a renowned company.I was supposed to get married in my mid-twenties and have children, but I ended up giving birth at the age of 38…It was around this time that I started to deviate from the norm, haha. I began to realize that my life was heavily influenced by whether it was deemed “socially acceptable” rather than what I truly wanted.So, I’ve always felt a sense of discomfort. Even if someone said “it’s fine,” it wouldn’t mean anything if I didn’t feel happy. Living with one’s own axis means living life proactively. And this translates into one’s attitude towards one’s mind and body.

I want women to know and confront their bodies, to overcome menstrual pain and menopause more effectively, and to shine brightly valuing themselves with their own axis. And I want to be like that too.That’s why I created JokoNe. and am developing services.




Naoko Kita (Founder and CEO)

Board Member of the NPO Women’s Medical Network, graduate and postgraduate degree holder from Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering (Master of Engineering).

After being involved in research on artificial bones during university and graduate school, she joined a medical device manufacturer. Primarily engaged in marketing for multinational medical device manufacturers, she was involved in the launch of new products and therapies. With keywords such as “medical/health,” “women,” and “being oneself,” she aimed to bridge the gap between medical professionals and the general public, starting her research on women’s health literacy in April 2016. Through her research, she became aware of the health concerns of women that were difficult to talk about or act upon. In order to address these concerns, she founded JokoNe. Co., Ltd., with a commitment to providing services from a thoroughly female perspective.

She gave birth in the summer of 2018 and is currently balancing her efforts in childcare. She holds certifications as a menopause counselor, women’s health promoter, and comprehensive advisor on women’s health, in addition to her Master of Engineering degree.

In March 2022, she published “Women’s Health Literacy for Continuing Vitality in the Workplace.”



The title of the book is “Women’s Health Literacy for Sustained Vibrancy in the Workplace.”

The book delves into providing a moment of reflection for women who may be pushing themselves too hard, offering insights into how they can pause and reassess themselves and their place in society.

Published on March 4, 2022.

“Click here to purchase on Amazon.”

Kumi Sakurai (Director)

After majoring in bioengineering in university and graduate school, Kaumi Sakurai engaged in thrombosis research at a medical school. Later, she transitioned to a multinational medical device manufacturer.

Utilizing her academic background, she excels in collaborating closely with physicians to develop and execute marketing strategies tailored to the field, aiming to avoid the often one-way nature of product promotion.

As she aged, she came to realize the importance of “self-care” and resonated with JokoNe.’s philosophy. As a founding member, she is committed to delivering JokoNe.’s philosophy and services to all women.
Master of Engineering. Representative Director of Premo Partners Co., Ltd. Mother of two.


Yuko Okahashi (Director)

Yuko Okahashi is a movement science trainer who specializes in developing and implementing exercise therapies in collaboration with women’s healthcare.

Her main areas of focus include “pelvic floor muscle exercises for preventive medicine” and “group instruction for post-mastectomy breast cancer patients.” She has been involved in validating exercise therapies such as pelvic floor muscle exercises using Panasonic’s JOBA and postpartum pelvic floor muscle exercises in collaboration with the University of Tokyo School of Medicine. She conducts exercise instruction at sports clubs, hospitals, universities, and various seminars.

Additionally, she founded an NPO and, in collaboration with Dr. Takako Doi, a specialist at Shonan Memorial Hospital Breast Clinic, implemented the “Happy Movement Class” as part of post-mastectomy rehabilitation, contributing to society’s efforts to support women’s health.

Yuko graduated from Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, majoring in English and American studies. She is the Representative Director of Aska Co., Ltd., the Representative of the NPO Smile Body Network, a part-time lecturer at Waseda University’s Faculty of Sports Sciences, and holds various positions as an instructor, director, and advisor. She is certified as a health and exercise instructor, a member of the Japan Female Pelvic Floor Muscle Medical Association, an Exercise Physiologist certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, certified by the Maternity Yoga Association, and certified by the British Pilates Institute.

Company Name Joconne Inc.
CEO Naoko Kita
Established August 2019
Address 7-22-31 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023, Japan (Kashiwagi MURA 315)
Business Overview Providing information, matching, product sales, consulting, and consulting on medical devices (especially cardiovascular) related to women’s health.
The registered company name is Joconne Inc.